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Many people love to tinker with their computer. Then most of you might have debunked those common myths of computer repair. Such as, you might have known for ages that you will not get a computer repair job until you get a certification. With that said – we have tried to list five common myths of computer repair that has always been in the limelight and controversial.

Let us hit the computer repair myths –

  1. It is possible for the geeks to repair your computer – Who said that? A computer once was something mystical, but today it is not. Today desktops are modular and you have innumerable sites that give you the possible ways to help anyone with troubleshoots occurring any moment.
  2. Higher the price of the parts of the computer, higher is their quality – Well, this is true at times but not always. Actually, you can get a decent computer at a low price. IF you know what you are looking for, you are sure to track down the right computer and parts.
  3. If you have a virus program running, you are safe from viruses – Now that is what we call, over smart. You can always upgrade your virus protection program. Well, you have no such program that can protect from all kind of viruses or give 100 percent protection. However, staying updated can help you from getting into grave dangers.
  4. You need a technician to defrag your computer – Do you know that fragmentation can stop the normal procedures of your computer? However, there are simple defrag program already pre-installed on your computers, but it does not operate automatically and might fail at grave situations.
  5. Speeding up the computer will make the internet run faster – You can always upgrade the memory of your computer to make things a little fast. However, if you have a dial-up connection you can bid adieu to great speed, for this you need to upgrade your internet to wireless or DSL and not your computer.

Remember these common computer repair myths to help things busted.