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If you want to get a quality repair work done to your PC, MAC or iPhone. Then you should definitely visit Ckk Computers shop to get repair your electronic gadgets.

Consulting (Networking, Hardware & Software)

Virus Clean up / Full Windows Restoration

New Systems, Customized To Your Needs


  • Consulting (Networking, Hardware & Software)
  • Virus Clean up / Full Windows Restoration
  • New Systems, Customized To Your Needs
  • LAPTOP & DESKTOP Repairs, Any Problem
  • Computer Upgrades (Hardware & Software)
  • Apple (MAC) or PC’s
  • Servers & Networking
  • Cell Phone & iPad Repairs
  • DVR Setup, Porting & Mobile Devices
  • Home Networking, (Hardware & Software)
  • Business Networking, (Hardware & Software)
  • Tablets & Phones
  • House Calls To Homes & Businesses

Every day we might have the need of repairing our computer or cell phones since these technologies are in daily use and it wears and tears faster. Moreover, computer and cell phone is the lifeline to us, so if there is a sudden breakdown we have to rush to some repair shop. If you are looking for computer repair and cell phone repair – let us give the one-stop solution.

Well, this is one of the most admired shops, which can escalate your lifestyle in an instant. With things falling important in your daily life, it is difficult to do without these two essential things. So if your computer is malfunctioning when you have to do paperwork for your office or your kid has to finish homework we know how crucial the computer maybe.

In other instance say, you have an important phone call and due to a repeated issue, the phone hangs up repeatedly. If it was an important project, which the client was going to award you, due to the disruptive phone you might not win that. Will you like ruining your life due to dead cell phone and computer? Never, right?

Well, most of us are able to fix certain minor glitches, but with my computer or cell phone, undergoing serious hardware issues, computer repair and cell phone repair is essential.

This is how CKK Computer’s computer repair and cell phone repair can help –

  1. You will get all issues fixed here when it comes to computer repair and cell phone repair. We will act as your lifeline and will be available 24/7 and 365 days to help you with an instant.
  2. We have certified professionals with years of experience to provide deep satisfaction to clients
  3. The service center will be able to offer warranty in any case if the issue arises within the mentioned period

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We sell and repair any laptop or desktop. Any brand and problem


We build new systems and sell any computer part you need.


We will simply diagnose your systems for you and let you know how much it will cost to repair or replace.