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Keep Your Computers Safe With Ckk Computer Repair

Keep Your Computers Safe With Ckk Computer Repair

We all love to believe that we live in an idyllic world. There is no offense to think that we live in such a world. Nevertheless, the truth is you could not sleep safely with doors and window open. However, there are still ways to feel safe. One popular option is to buy a guard dog.

However, we do not do that. We have grown smart and thus we put some of the best security alarms to protect our home. A good security system is always the first step to protect your home and it is same with your computer devices.

You need to keep it protected from the hackers and malware. Therefore, a number of computer repair services provide you with the option to protect your competitor with the help of services and support that makes your computer secure from any kind of threats.

CKK Computer repair is one such name that helps you to keep your computer safe. So how are they going to render you the following service?

  • Well, this computer repairservices offers you door-to-door service.
  • They map and scan your computer and finds out whether there are any existing malware threats, hackers attack or spyware installed. They clean the computer and restore a normal state.
  • Uninstall unnecessary files, which might easily become prone and then installs the malware and hacker protection software to keep your computer protected.

If you open, a site that is prone to malware attack the software will bar you from opening it or will redirect you from that page. We know that computer protection system is little complicated and that is where CKK Computer Repair comes to play their role. If you want a quick consultation, all you need is to pick up the phone, give them a call, and ask them to configure your computer.

Computer Repair Has All Kind Of Services Available From A To Zee

Computer Repair Has All Kind Of Services Available From A To Zee

At CKK computer repair, we have tried to address the problems of the customers in a number of fancy ways. We have tried to address the issue in the most befitting manner so that you can never miss them out. Here are those unique services that are available with computer repair services like CKK.

  1. Tuning up your computer

This is one of the most common problems that a computer repair service likes CKK addresses. It is in case the computer is running terrifically slow or has error messages to display. CKK computer repair can speed it up again and perform quick upgrades.

  1. Screen repair

If your computer or laptop screen got accidentally cracked, we might help you to get repairs. The labor fee is fixed and we won’t be charging more than the budget shared only the parts cost are additional and we will inform you beforehand so that you can make a quick decision whether to go for a replacement or not.

  1. Recovery of data

As a computer repair service, you will like them to help you with data recovery, in case if you have a failed hard drive or accidentally deleted files.

  1. Get help on circuitry repair

You will also get help if your desktop or laptop gets into trouble of not switching on. We can fix the power problems with ease as well as the power supply replacement and motherboard repairs.

  1. Installing custom PC builds

We help you to install custom PC for your home and office that comes with top rated parts with 3 to 5 years of warranty.

  1. Support for virus removal

Get our support for virus removal and ransom ware removal anytime with the help of pro technicians who are certified to diagnose such issues.

Get your computer repaired with the help of certified technicians and get any kind of support and anytime you want.

Cell Phone Repair – Top 5 Features You Get To Enjoy With Us

Cell Phone Repair – Top 5 Features You Get To Enjoy With Us

There are many features that you feel associated when it comes to cell phone repair. Mobile is something indispensable part in our life today. We cannot do without a cell phone today. From important phone calls to scheduling a meeting from any part of the world, or taking up calls in conferences or doing a business mail, if we have our cell phone around us, we feel sorted.

However, if cell phone faces problem or does not work at the right moment who can come to rescue? You need to call for professionals or look for a new phone. Better than having a new phone it good to call a professional if, your cell phone is hardly two to one year old.

Cell phone repair is one of the popular services around the Bay Area offered by CKK Computer Repair. No matter what model or what OS you use, they have a pro or a technician to come to your rescue. We know how tough it is do without your cell phone a single moment. Therefore, to know more we will like you to advice that take up a consultation call and get into a quick phone repair whenever you need.

What kind of features associated with the cell phone repair services?

  1. They help you with the replacement of the damaged parts or battery in case of damages or replacement required
  2. They help you with any kind of software installation or virus program installation
  3. You get help with the circuitry repair in case there is any issue with the IC
  4. Get help on any kind of OS environment with cloud support as a unique solution
  5. You also get support on formatting or resetting your devices if required

For all the above troubleshoots you can approach cell phone repair services at CKK anytime and from anywhere.

5 Common Myths Of Computer Repair Gets Busted

5 Common Myths Of Computer Repair Gets Busted

Many people love to tinker with their computer. Then most of you might have debunked those common myths of computer repair. Such as, you might have known for ages that you will not get a computer repair job until you get a certification. With that said – we have tried to list five common myths of computer repair that has always been in the limelight and controversial.

Let us hit the computer repair myths –

  1. It is possible for the geeks to repair your computer – Who said that? A computer once was something mystical, but today it is not. Today desktops are modular and you have innumerable sites that give you the possible ways to help anyone with troubleshoots occurring any moment.
  2. Higher the price of the parts of the computer, higher is their quality – Well, this is true at times but not always. Actually, you can get a decent computer at a low price. IF you know what you are looking for, you are sure to track down the right computer and parts.
  3. If you have a virus program running, you are safe from viruses – Now that is what we call, over smart. You can always upgrade your virus protection program. Well, you have no such program that can protect from all kind of viruses or give 100 percent protection. However, staying updated can help you from getting into grave dangers.
  4. You need a technician to defrag your computer – Do you know that fragmentation can stop the normal procedures of your computer? However, there are simple defrag program already pre-installed on your computers, but it does not operate automatically and might fail at grave situations.
  5. Speeding up the computer will make the internet run faster – You can always upgrade the memory of your computer to make things a little fast. However, if you have a dial-up connection you can bid adieu to great speed, for this you need to upgrade your internet to wireless or DSL and not your computer.

Remember these common computer repair myths to help things busted.

4 Types Of Services You Get With Cell Phone Repair

4 Types Of Services You Get With Cell Phone Repair

How we help you to repair the cell phone without any hassle? At CKK Computer Repair, we have some of the best features that allow you to enjoy hassle-free cell phone repair. Let us get to know what those offers are.

  1. They help you to diagnose your device

Well, we definitely take a diagnostic fee, but against the fee charged, what you get is a full scan of your device to get to the root of the problem. If we find out that, there are faulty parts in your device, we will replace them. We will call first for your authorization and then we will proceed with the cell phone repair.

  1. We charge only flat labor rate

After we are able to track down the problem on your device, then you just need to pay our flat rates. No matter what we fix, no matter what the problem is, only for the parts we charge its price, rest is not at all hefty for your pocket.

  1. We help you with data recovery

When it comes to cell phone repair, you will find that data recovery is a common problem that the users face. We help you recover data with a minimal charge and you get to pay only at that moment when we find that your computer is within limits of recovery, since beyond that nothing is possible for the professional technicians as well.

  1. Door to door support or remote services

At CKK Computer repair when it comes to cell phone repair you get both the services since a problem can troubleshoot any time. Say all you need to do is removing the virus or solve network problems we will get down to your rescue wherever you want no matter what the purpose is.

Now pick up your phone and seek your consultation to get the best charges and offers on our cell phone repair service.