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The Computer repair is not a difficult task to do it yourself because either you have to change or rectify the software or else you may be required to replace any part of the computer’s central processing unit. However you are required to have some knowledge of the repairing or replacement process to avoid further disturbances in your computer. Otherwise you can have an expert for repair of your computer such as the CKK computers who will repair your computer in best possible way.

In case if your computer’s performance is not up to the mark and it is getting hung after regular intervals and you are not able to work with speed. It is suspected that your computer might be under the attack of a malware or virus. For this, you are advised to detect and remove the malware from your computer. CKK computers expert will install a good quality anti-virus program in your computer for this purpose which would clean your computer from viruses. For having the best anti-virus program, you can go to the anti-virus software website and test your system for the best matched anti-virus software. The most preferred anti-virus programs are Bitdefender and Kaspersky. Both of the anti-virus programs are at the top of the AV comparatives rankings and AV test.

If the problem is persisting even after the installation of the anti-virus program, you are suggested to re-install the operating system of your computer. However, you have to completely format your computer before installing the operating system. This will help you to remove all malware in your computer. You can use the program such as PC decrapifier which will scan the computer automatically for the bloatware and will uninstall it. Moreover, you can open the control panel and then uninstall the programs manually having bloatware one by one. However, if you are doing this to new computers or even old ones, you must not uninstall any of the drivers of the computer. Experts at CKK understand how frustrating it becomes when some virus attacks your system and you lose your important information and data. You can trust us as they can help you recover your data and will also get best anti virus software for your system.